What is 1400 Miles?

1400 Miles uses a bike and a beer to spark difficult conversations with stubborn guys about prostate health.

PROSTATE CANCER IS THE SECOND LEADING CAUSE OF CANCER DEATH IN AMERICAN MEN and is largely preventable. Prevention is easy, but it starts with being comfortable talking about it. Know your family history, know what you’re putting into your body, and get a regular exam before you’re 40.

How are we sparking the conversations? We are pedaling 1,400 miles on a bicycle from Austin to Denver. Along the route, we are hosting Community Rides and Refueling Parties. All proceeds will be split between Pints for Prostates and the Prostate Conditions Education Council.

Want to help? You can join The Big Ride, participate in a Community Ride, attend the Refueling Parties, support a Team by funding a mile or become a Virtual Rider and raise money!

Community Ride

“The Big Ride”

The 1400 Miles ‘Big Ride’ is a fully supported journey of a lifetime on a road bike spanning 1400 miles from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado.

Want to ride in the 2014 1400 Miles?

First, check out the dates. Decide if you will participate in the entire ride or a leg the journey. Then, you have the option to book now or start a team and fundraise!

For more information, click here!

*** Your journey of a lifetime will make a difference! All proceeds will be split between Pints for Prostates and the Prostate Conditions Education Council.



1400 Miles Main Events will take place in September in cities along the 1400 Miles Big Ride route. These events will have music, activities, creative food, and of course great craft beer. Come meet the cyclists participating in The Big Ride, see the infamous Beerliner and help spark the conversation on prostate health!

Throughout the year, 1400 Miles and supporting partners will be hosting Fueling Parties! These events are a great place to spark the conversation on prostate health. By bringing your community together in a familiar spot, we help break down tensions and uneasiness regarding the conversation on prostate cancer. The Fueling Parties will also help fund the Teams that are trying to raise money for the Big Ride. Our main goal is to spark the conversation and reach as many people as possible, we cannot do it alone, so we appreciate all of your support!

1400 Miles Fueling Event

Community Rides

Unable to join us for the Big Ride? Well, you’re in luck! Coinciding with the 1400 Miles Main Event, we will be hosting community rides in several stops along our route to Denver. Each ride will have the option of 14 miles, 42 Miles, 70 Miles, and 140 Miles! Participate in the rides, and come to the events. Check out the calendar and register for your local community ride today!


What are people saying about 1400Miles?

"1400 Miles isn't just about men's health, it's about changing the tone of the conversation around it.  It's easier for me to join that conversation over a pint of my favorite craft beer."
Men are stubborn. 1400 Miles helps break the silence on prostate cancer by using a beer and a bike to reach men where they are most willing to talk.
1400 helped me find an approachable way to talk about a hard subject with the men I love.

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